Moscow - June 2005
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For my birthday this year I gave myself a treat in the form of a return ticket to Moscow for the long weekend. It was an opportunity to catch up with my friend Natal'ya and also to have a peek behind the old Iron Curtain

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In 3 days it is hard to get an accurate picture of a city; you can only get an impression. These for me were the things that stood out:

* Scale of the architecture. No doubt about it, when the Soviets had an idea in their head they were not going to compromise. Moscow is absolutely full of buildings and monuments that simply dazzle in the scale, grace and opulence in which they were built. Well, those built before the 1960's passion for slab concrete ran wild. The public building, sculptures and even metro stations are something to behold.

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* Evidence of socialism. If it were not for the huge 20+ storey apartment bunkers where all Moscovites seem to live, any trace of the country's socialist years has pretty much been blown beyond the tundra. The sheer display of wealth and the disparity between rich and poor is on a scale that defeats anything I have seen, including India. I did well to capture pictures of these old Muscovitch cars amongst the sea of Hummers and armoured Mercs that swallow the city's roads.

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