Kitzbuhel - Mar 2004
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To Austria we go...well that was where the cheapest flights landed and where Waz and Amanda scoured some decent accommodation. Late March skiing and we were all programmed for a bit of piste cruising with the prospect of sneaking back to the office on Tuesday with a wee tan - not quite. 3 days of snow before we got there ensured we all had powder grins on our dials in minutes! Cheers to resident guide Luke for guiding us to the goods.

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And can you believe our mate Nis, who with his buddy Christian, drove 1300 kms from Copenhagen just to come down and have a surprise 2 days boarding with us! What a legend!! What better way to commend this act of comraderie than by ordering a nice refreshing banana split with a back draught chaser...

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Kitzbuhel is not exactly an ugly looking town...

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Great spots to grab a Radler sport and listen to the local thrash metal bands...or just lie about. Learn from the locals

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But what's up with the local bogs?! Poo and view is just not cool! Waz assesses the terrain and rides into this one switch to avoid the horror of being stared at by a blind mullet.

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Big thanks to Chevy, Luke and all the guys at Alpenrider ( for providing an awesome chalet holiday. If anyone is thinking of a ski break then you can't beat these guys for service and local know how. I can't wait to go back next year.


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