Summer 2006
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Well you have to do something while you're waiting for the snow to are some snaps and stories so far

If you want to see them in photo album format, just click on this link and look at the Summer 2006 album:


June 2006: London to Venice, 

Pictures coming!!! Prepare yourself for disturbing images of grown men crying like babies in hideous French weather (I can't believe it's not Winter!)

June 2006: Paros Island and Pelopponese, Greece

Birthday weekend to Paros, then a week at Jimmy's family town in the Pelopponese. Nothing quite like getting cooked for by all the aunts and the grandmother who were over the moon to have their favourite nephew / grandchild home. I didn't knock back the hospitality!

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June 29 - July 02: Roskilde Festival, Denmark

The photos don't do this event justice... amazing 4 days in Denmark. Met up with Nis, Pocket Nis, Mas, Sarah and their mates for 4 days of music, sunshine, beer and harassing people in cow suits. I'm booking for next year already. Check this link for more information about the festival. Tool, Roger Waters, Placebo, Phoenix and The Raconteurs were a few of the many great bands that we saw on the stages.

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July 2006: Sardinia, Italy

10 Day break with my mate Pierpaolo, riding from Pordenone to Livorno, then on the overnight ferry to Sardinia. What a place...get out of the P-diddy hubbub of Costa Smerelda and glorious rugged coastline await. Great seafood, sunshine every day...the perfect summer holiday!


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July 2006: Hiking in Cortina, Italy

Just a weekend trip back to a place where we skied this winter (Passo Giao, Cortina d'Ampezzo). Really interesting to see the terrain without snow on it and hike up higher than the lifts could take you. Also had the realisation here that I am an amazingly attractive man, at least in the eyes of the local goat population!

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