Bunking off for months on end around the world on a motorbike is, by our reckoning a pretty cool thing to do. 

But then we come home and since our last trip, you guys all seem to be out running marathons, swimming across shark infested oceans, going on intergalactic bicycle rides and subjecting yourselves to all kinds of hardships, all for the benefit of your chosen charities. It's fantastic stuff, and made us feel a little bit lazy and self-indulgent.

So we decided to try and do our bit this time and raise some money for some very worthwhile causes on this adventure through South America.

Barney has chosen the Go Research Fund as his charity of choice.

1 in 20 women will get some kind of gynaecological cancer in their lifetime. Your donation will fund research into finding a simple blood test that will allow all women to be screened for ovarian cancer and diagnosed while the disease is still in its early stages.



Pierpaolo has chosen EARTHWATCH as his charity of choice.

Earthwatch is an international environmental charity working around the world on environmental research projects. Earthwatch are actively working on over 140 scientific research projects to develop informed solutions to today’s most pressing environmental issues.

Earthwatch is the working name for Conservation Education and Research Trust (CERT).


Rest assured that every penny raised is going straight to the charities!

CarbonNeutral.jpg (61139 bytes)

This adventure will be Carbon Neutral - we have offset all emissions to be generated by using a Carbon Calculator. Our emission calculations were based on 20,000 km of bike travel and 12,000 km of air travel each. These emissions will be offset by the planting of 86 trees. This Carbon Offsetting was done at


Sponsorship packages (!)

We currently have lots of available space on our bikes and helmets. For any donations over £60/ $150 AUD, we will happily plaster any company stickers you provides us with in highly visible spots. This includes company logos (Corporate package) or if you are feeling a bit cheeky, get your mates to put some cash in and send a "I am a complete knob" or "Maradona - Hand of Dog!" sticker to me (Personal package). Full photos supplied after the trip with your sticker in weird and wonderful places.