Winter 2005-06
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Oh dear - August Bank Holiday in England 2005 and I had already caught myself thinking about first tracks in the coming winter. For those who have done a ski season you can probably sympathise with this thought. Yet I was to find myself in the most hideous of situations:

> A full time job

> Living near a good pub, 1000 miles from the Alps

Something had to be done! So by November the Blue Taxi TM had been shuttled out to Verona and took up temporary lodging at my mate Alberto's, primed and ready for the ski season. A bunch of tickets were bought on SleazyJet and Ryanair for some planned weekends away. And then jackpot happened...

"How do you feel about working in Austria next year?" said the boss

"Hmmmm, let me mull that one over for a nanosecond".

It was like being sponsored! Paid airfares to the snow, in exchange for spending a few days a month talking computer bollocks with a nation of people that like to drink beer.

So here we are in chronological order:

If you want to see them in photo album format, just click on this link and look at the Winter 2005-06 album:


December 2005     Madonna di Campiglio, Dolomites Italy

Awesome season opening weekend with Carlo, Alberto and the Verona crew

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January 2006         Passo Sella, Dolomites Italy

What a spot this is - Dolomites are spectacular and the piste skiing is fast, smooth and scenic. Verona crew in action again.

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February 2006         Zell Am See, Austria / Piancavallo, Italy / Jarvso, Sweden

Yeah the Alps are good (1st Photos), but the real hard-core need the X-treme challenge of Swedish t-bars for 5 days straight. Needless to say our legs were a bit sore after this little session! And yes, tele-marking was taken up for a day in an all out attempt by Pierpaolo and myself to injure ourselves in new and exciting ways. Thanks to Hanna and Annika for being the hostesses with the most.

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March 2006          Kirchberg, Austria / Semmering, Austria

Scientists are yet to explain why the onset of spring coincides with silly costumes and harassment of fiberglass ski mascots, but its a law of nature. Jimmy, Pierpaolo and myself were powerless to fight it.

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April 2006               Engelberg, Switzerland / Monte Rosa, Italy / Val d'Isere, France

Wot?! No more snow for 8 months? Well better end the season with a bang then. Engelberg was impressive high altitude stuff with great off-piste, Gressoney is a favourite - beware the photo of the tragic accident (life imitates art). And what better way to close Winter of 2006 with some family friends and a crate full of Easter eggs in the playground of Tignes / Val d'Isere?

Oh come back Winter....we need you more than ever!

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