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OK….this page is for all you old school rollers out there.

Remember the days when kickflips were the new thing? When your mates were busy busting their arms trying 14 stair lazy handrails down ridiculously wonky flights of stairs (respect Morgs!)? When skateboards had different shapes from one another, and you could get into long heated arguments about which board had the best kicktail for Ollies and who was the lamest actor in “The Search for Animal Chin”?

Well if you are an old cronie like me, you will remember these days of skating fondly. This was the golden era of skateboarding for me. Now I totally dig what the new schoolers are doing out there on boards…most of it blows my mind. But frankly, the decks suck! Get some decent wood under your feet lads - Fat boards are coming back baby!

Here is my collection so far. There are a few gems in there, but still far from the wood stash that would let me rest a contented soul. Thanks to Waz for introducing me to Ebay and the market for New Old Stock boards, and as a result giving me a new found appreciation for 2 Minute Noodles and markdown Pet Food.


NOS Santa Cruz Decks

  Natas, Hosoi, Eric Dressen, Lucero street, Soren Aaby and another Natas

lucero.jpg (45093 bytes)  bluenatas.JPG (43527 bytes)


NOS Powell Decks

  Hawk Iron Cross, Caballero, Ray Barbee TArot CArd, Hawk Twin, MCGILL, RAY BARBEE RAG DOLL AND DOUGHBOY LANCE MOUNTAIN

Ray Barnee pl flsh.JPG (81531 bytes) Hawk flash.JPG (35345 bytes) -mcgill2.jpg (60705 bytes) -barbee.jpg (78110 bytes) -doughboy.JPG (78953 bytes)


-blackguerrero.JPG (97491 bytes) -silverguerrero2.JPG (86342 bytes) guerrero.jpg (81605 bytes) -yellowguerrero.JPG (90301 bytes)


  Powell Ripper, McGill and a Caballero



-grosso.jpg (86451 bytes) -jessee.jpg (95052 bytes) -roskopp.jpg (84469 bytes)

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