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Welcome to the mixed up world of a Jappuccino fan. That's what you get when you cross an admiration of Italian scootering design of the late 50's and early 60's with a desire to be as cool as the late great Barry Sheene on an oriental rocket of the mid 70's. 

A pair of Lambrettas make up the scootering  part of the collection. Both of the scooters were Italian farmyard rescues - the Series 1 from near Verona and the Series 3 from somewhere near Genoa. 


Do not pass go, do not collect 200 Lira and don't even think of entering the beauty contest! Here are the before shots...

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...and after restoration (March 2004). Big thanks to Dave Stone in Newport, Wales ( ) for restoring this one.

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SERIES 3 150 SLIMSTYLE - (1963)

Big thanks to Jason Frost at Absolutely Scooters in Sheffield ( ) for restoring this one. He may take a while, but the results speak for themselves. I can highly recommend him if you are interested in having one of these beautiful machines restored.

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at home in Sydney, with Eve on the scoot:

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HONDA CB400 FOUR - (1975)

The Red Honda is a story in itself. In Castle like fashion, it appeared in front of me in the Sydney Trading Post. Previously a little tatty and seized, but only 4700 original miles. Turns out the original owner had bought it in response to the train strike in 1975. Once the trains came back on a few months later, it was sent to the back of his garage and forgotten about for 25 years!

CB400F - deep red.JPG (94999 bytes) CB400F - dials.JPG (88411 bytes) CB400F - main.JPG (100928 bytes) CB400F - side.JPG (100731 bytes) CB400F - pipes.JPG (96840 bytes) CB400FOUR.JPG (83888 bytes) CB400F - rear.JPG (97369 bytes)   

As for the collection, I blame my parents. No bikes when we were kids, so this behaviour is some sort of compensatory hording occurring in my later years... Yeah, yeah, my therapists heart bled as well. Worse may still be to come though - 3 bikes down, but still no thrum-thrum of a Ducati V-twin in the garage...

UPDATE: Oh its all changed! The CB400 is now sold in Australia, and the heart accelerating, wallet chomping thrum-thrum of a Ducati can indeed be found, in 748 guise. 2 owners and no electrical troubles - is it all too good to be true?!



Here are some pictures taken from the Lambretta Museum in Weston-super-Mare. If you like Lammies, or are passing through the area then this place is a must. It also doubles as perhaps the best stockist of Lambretta spares in the world.

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