No bike sponsorship? No film crew? No trophy wives? No idea? Looks like Barney and Pierpaolo are going The Wrong Way Down to South America!




From the production team that brought you the truly forgettable "The Short Way Round 2007" (SWR) comes this big budget, S-bend busting sequel. 

But this time the adventure is different. SWR, an emotionally challenging and deeply personal journey in its own right, was based around the familiar turf of Europe and North Africa. "Close to home yet far from good" is how many critics received it, so this time the producers have been forced to up the ante, lift their game, pull out all stops and throw vast sums of money at a totally unproven concept. 

The 3G Mobile Phone Network... New Labor... Sarah Palin! They all sounded like a good idea to someone at their conception. Will "The Wrong Way Down" (WWD) become yet another hugely over funded cultural  irrelevance? Or will it cement its all star cast as true bastions of the Adventure Motorcycling movement? Only time will tell.


South America here we come - lock up your llamas, you have been warned!

Starting in Buenos Aires, the production team will counter intuitively travel down for the first scenes, taking them through Patagonia, all the way to the ends of the earth. From Tierra Del Fuego, it's then a relentless mission traveling the wrong way down through Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador before applying the brakes in Cartagena, Columbia to prevent us from falling into the Caribbean Sea. After over 3 months on the road in sweaty motorcycle clobber, an impromptu swim may not actually be such a bad idea.

Forays to Rio Carnivale and Venezuela are not out of contention, and could make it into the Directors Cut - essentially the same thing but repackaged 20 years later with 17 minutes of extra  footage that really should have been left on the cutting room floor.

Producers best guess at location map - subject to change at 10 minutes notice


Due to their commitment to a shared artistic vision and a lack of any other decent offers, our main acting talent for this spectacle remains unchanged. 

Pierpaolo Rocco returns in his portrayal of Charley Boorman, the Italian / Irish / English prankster with dreams of completing one of the toughest rally's of all time - The Bordon Rally. He draws from a wealth of experience having suffered 6 months in this Hampshire town at the tail end of 2007, with a broken down bank account forcing him to stay longer than anyone could ever expect to endure.

The book that recounts his epic journey back from Morocco to this dreary hamlet, Race to Bordon, is out just in time for Christmas 2008... a great stocking filler if you can't afford any good presents for the ones you love this year.

Barnaby Brittan teams up with him on screen and travelblog, playing the role of the soulful, introspective and ridiculously good looking Ewan Mcgregor. 

Like Marlon Brando in The Godfather, or on a more appropriate scale, Steve Guttenberg  in Police Academy 1 - IV, Brittan now has a role he can surely call his own. Corporate sponsors naturally have been chomping at the bit for product placement in this next feature, but Barnaby refuses to let his art suffer in the name of cheap commercialism. He has however endorsed a brand of risqué fragrances characterised by cedar infused top notes,  to be marketed exclusively through Aldi supermarkets in the coming weeks:

Photo manipulation and butchery by Johnny Rad.


Ladies, it's OK to flick past this one. Click here if you want to get the enthralling story of why we chose Suzuki DR650's for this production. OK, they were cheap... but there is a wealth of information on the preparation involved and parts added / fitted / modified / carried with us if any of you are interested in doing something similar.


It is definitely not OK to flick past this one! The cast have chosen two charities to raise money for on this trip, so go on... donate till it hurts! Find out more about the charities here and how sponsorship is possible, but if you are clamoring to open your wallets quickly, use the links below:



All bikes, tickets, freight and rectally challenging meals have all been bought and paid for. So every penny you give goes straight to the charity - none of this "sponsor me to go on a hectic £4000 luxury spa holiday in the Hill Tribe area of Thailand" heist so often seen today. So hah! You have no excuse!

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This adventure will be Carbon Neutral - we have offset all emissions to be generated by using a Carbon Calculator. Our emission calculations were based on 20,000 km of bike travel and 12,000 km of air travel each. These emissions will be offset by the planting of 86 trees. This Carbon Offsetting was done at


All people on our mailing list will receive regular to sporadic email updates on the production progress, just as we did during SWR. If you want to be added to the mailing list, just mail me now -

You can do it yourself though. Here is the travelblog link that will be operational in late December - a bit confusing, but directions on how to find your way around below in blue:

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